Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Development Update 8/27/2007

A quick update on some of the projects around Milwaukee...

First off, I noticed on the Beerline that the construction office is now in place for the Riverboat Landing Condos. Hopefully that is the first step before demolition can begin. Once complete I believe this project will continue to add vibrancy to the riverwalk with new its population and the mixed-use design that includes a restaurant.

Over at the North End both demolition and sewer work have gotten underway. The building shown is now completely removed and they've continued work eastward into the larger complex. I look forward to the removal of the water tower and it's placement on the corner as that would mark a nice milestone for this project.

And finally over in the Third Ward development never seems to stop. The River Renaissance project appears completion and really looks to fit in the neighborhood well. Additionally with the redevelopment of the warehouse at the corner of Broadway and Buffalo as well as the one on Water Street you can see that the redevelopment of existing warehouses in the Third Ward is continues as well.

Buffalo and Broadway

Water Street