Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time for Action: Say No to UW-Tosa... And Yes to UW-Milwaukee!

Milwaukee is facing a critical moment. A moment in time that requires action of its citizens.

Currently the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is in negotiations with Milwaukee County to acquire land at the County Research Park with the intention of building a new engineering school. Although UWM's ambitious plan to grow the university has value and promise its choice of location in Wauwatosa will have long term negative impacts on the city, the students, and the region. By locating the new school in Wauwatosa it will add congestion, promote costly freeway expansion, make higher education less affordable, put additional burdens on students, increase pollution, and encourage sprawl.

Locating UWM's new engineering campus within the city has numerous benefits for the students and the city. By locating within the city, students will have better access to mass transit and shorter distances to travel. By locating within the city, students who have gone to undergraduate school at UWM and wish to go on to graduated school won't need to move out of their homes to be close to campus. By locating within the city, students will have better access to internship opportunities at Fortune 500 companies such as JCI and Rockwell. By locating within the city, Milwaukee keeps 300 college graduates who will spur development, support local business, add eyes on the street, innovate, live and work. Keeping UWM within Milwaukee helps the students to help the city.

If UWM expands in Wauwatosa the students and Milwaukee will receive all of the negatives and none of the positives. Now some may say our moment has passed and our opportunity lost, but as citizens and taxpayers we can have a voice. So I encourage you to ask your elected officials to work with the city, to find a location downtown, in the Park East, or on the Eastside. I encourage you to ask them to "Say No to UW-Tosa... And Say Yes to UW-Milwaukee!"

It is time for action...

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chancellor Carlos E Santiago -

City of Milwaukee Elected Officials

Mayor Tom Barrett -
Common Council President Willie L. Hines, Jr. - 15th District Alderman -
Alderman Ashanti Hamilton - 1st District Alderman -
Alderman Joe Davis - 2nd District Alderman -
Alderman Michael S. D'Amato - 3rd District Alderman -
Alderman Robert J. Bauman - 4th District Alderman -
Alderman James A. Bohl, Jr. - 5th District Alderman -
Alderman Michael McGee, Jr. - 6th District Alderman -
Alderman Willie C. Wade - 7th District Alderman -
Alderman Robert G. Donovan - 8th District Alderman -
Alderman Robert W. Puente - 9th District Alderman -
Alderman Michael J. Murphy - 10th District Alderman -
Alderman Joe Dudzik -11th District Alderman -
Alderman James N. Witkowiak - 12th District Alderman -
Alderman Terry L. Witkowski - 13th District Alderman -
Alderman Tony Zielinski -14th District Alderman -

Milwaukee County Elected Officials

County Executive Scott Walker -
Supervisor James White, 1st District -
Supervisor Toni Clark, 2nd District -
Supervisor Gerry Broderick, 3rd District -
Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic, 4th District -
Chairman Lee Holloway, 5th District -
Supervisor Joseph Rice, 6th District -
Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr., 7th District -
Supervisor Patricia Jursik, 8th District -
Supervisor Paul Cesarz, 9th District -
Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs-Jones, 10th District -
Supervisor Mark Borkowski, 11th District -
Supervisor Peggy West, 12th District -
Supervisor Willie Johnson, Jr., 13th District -
Supervisor Richard Nyklewicz, Jr., 14th District -
Supervisor Lynne De Bruin, 15th District -
Supervisor John Weishan, Jr., 16th District -
Supervisor Dan Devine, 17th District -
Supervisor Roger Quindel, 18th District -
Supervisor Jim Luigi Schmitt, 19th District -